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PLEX as a default and if no PLEX playing default to posters

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PLEX as a default and if no PLEX playing default to posters

Tue Jun 02, 2020 6:30 am

Hello All,

I'm really liking this app and coming from the other Movie Poster Windows app I'm looking for the same feature as it has and that's to monitor PLEX 24/7 for anything playing on the server from any device and when PLEX server has nothing playing Movie Poster would default to displaying posters in your default folder or trailers. Also it captures posters from your PLEX library if wanted.(checkbox in its settings) and adds them to your poster folder. This also works in the Kodi directions as well. But as this great program does work with only PLEX, Kodi etc one at a time based on setup settings and that's fine just wanting it to fall back on posters when nothing is playing in PLEX, Kodi etc.
Any chance any of this will be added to 5.0?

Thanks for a great program
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Re: PLEX as a default and if no PLEX playing default to posters

Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:22 am


For the automated tab switching, take a look at this thread
Maybe you can get this to work for you.

For the capturing of your movie poster, I don't know anything about plex, but if it uses real files for posters (for example you have 12 Monkeys.mkv and then there is a file 12 Monkeys.jpg)
You could use a simple search in windows/linux/macos and look for *.jpg and copy all your poster over to the MovieNow! storage? Not a comfortable solution, but it's something. And maybe 0raid will include something like this into MovieNow!

Hope that helps you :)

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