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Crazy Home Theater Braintrust Idea

Installation guide and Issues
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Crazy Home Theater Braintrust Idea

Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:33 am

Hey Guys - hang on to your hats and thanks in advance,

I currently run Cinemavision in Kodi. I use cvaction files to trigger my Philips Hue lighting at different points in my sequence. I’d like to do the same to trigger multiple (6) Pi’s all running MovieNow.

Is there a way to send an http command to cue up a specific file from a specific directory in each instance of MovieNow? Can I further send a remote next command via http? This isn’t a simple Kodi/Plex trigger cause there are six posters - not one - and none of them are what is currently playing.

Here’s the execution: When you tell Cinemavision (Kodi) to start a sequence, it runs one action file to set the lights (currently works, no problems there) and a second action file, with six http commands within it, to cue up a unique poster on each of the six pis that feed six screens. These files would all match the year of the film that you are going to watch. If I can designate the files, then that part is easy as the Cinemavision sequence reads the film release year from whatever you put in the queue (in Kodi from the NFO) and I currently have sequences built for each year from 1960 through 2020 - yay pandemic!

What I’m doing is creating a lobby. You want to watch Platoon? Kodi knows it’s 1986 and serves up the 1986 sequence from Cinemavision. That sequence has music, advertising and trailers from 1986 in it. I want my six screens to display Top Gun, Ferris Bueller, Blue Velvet, Manhunter, River’s Edge and Aliens. The preshow runs about 30 min give or take and I’ve randomized it enough ways that even I don’t know what Cinemavision will run for any given film.

Here’s the hard part: I also want to add another action command right before the Feature Presentation animation rolls that transitions all those posters to a frame of black. I already change the lighting cue at that point to all black except for the riser toe kick lights, which drop down to 4 percent.

Here’s the real hard part: if the brain trust can solve the above, the triple lindy is to add one more action that has a sleep in milliseconds timed out to when Directed by Oliver Stone appears on the screen. Then, the lights come back up as do the posters. Imagine what we could do with the cut scenes in Marvel films....

If you guys can help me figure out the external http commands - and I can already hit the movienowip/custom/Custom1/1986 folder that I created - I will take the time to make a Platoon (individual film) sequence(s) because the name qualifier would hit before the year qualifier in Cinemavision, and you know, pandemic.

I can see the folder I created via SFTP in Safari. I assume it would be a POST command as opposed to a PUT, but after that I’m lost. What is the qualifier for a poster? Is it “poster”? Is the transition time “transition”? Does a background image need to be loaded as well?
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If you’re still reading this, thank you, good luck and go grab an adult beverage!

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