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How to use program?

Installation guide and Issues
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How to use program?

Tue Jul 14, 2020 7:18 am

New member here. I've been trying to look through all past topics. Maybe I'm overlooking something. I've flashed 4.1 on my Rasp 4. No issues there. I can see posters randomly displaying Coming Soon. How do I go about selecting any poster or better yet how do I navigate around the software. I can see an "X" with a circle around it up top of screen, but that just takes me to random tabs that does nothing for me. I'm new to Raspberry and such. I've downloaded Fing (to see Ip), Total Commander (with plugin). I'm not setting up my Kodi stick just yet as I'm trying out the program. I'm looking at selecting a poster that I can select as now playing when I throw on a dvd to play. Eventually, work my way to using Kodi to select poster when playing a torrent file from my pc streamed. Again, I need help to navigate and select what I'm looking for. Kinda stuck at the moment and going to bed now. Hope to see some much needed help. Glad I was able to get this far today. Ver 4.1 looks great so far.

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