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Weather - assistance please

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Weather - assistance please

Mon May 04, 2020 9:32 pm

So I would like to fix the lon/lat to show proper weather.

How can I do this with my phone as my PC doesn't seem to want to see the pi to make changes that way.

In addition is there a procedure posted somewhere on how to set up a schedule? As suggested by 0raid I would like the weather to show up about every 30 mins while the poster frame is running. He suggested a schedule. I looked at that section and not quite sure what I am to do there.

TIA for any help

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Re: Weather - assistance please

Sun May 10, 2020 3:27 am

You'll need to edit the file named configweather.js. File is located /var/www/html/settings/

The default file is below ... I set the darkSkyLat, darkSkyLon and changed the darkSkyUnits to "us".

// Set up your Dark Sky/ infromation and lat/lon here
darkSkyAPIKey = "3965d0848e9ca0cc284f1adf8b412107";
darkSkyLat = "37.976150";
darkSkyLon = "23.761540";
darkSkyUnits = "uk";
tempDecimalPlaces = 1;
darkSkyLanguage = "el";
tempGraphRangeOfHours = 30;
showWeatherSummary = true;

Just got my screen setup and completed. Still playing with the Cron jobs but I setup to cycle between the custom and dashboard views. So the dashboard shows up every 6 minutes and stays on for 2 minutes before posters are shown.
*/2 * * * * sudo /var/www/html/settings/ // shows custom posters every 2 minutes
*/6 * * * * sudo /var/www/html/settings/ // shows the dashboard every 6 minutes

Just do something like
30 * * * * ,,, // will switch at the 30 minute mark of every hour.

You can check this site for help in creating a Cron schedule.

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