PLEX setup


Important go in your PLEX settings > Network > List of IP addresses and networks that are allowed without auth > and PUT Movienow IP, now for the Plex Setup , settings > Plex Setup , and put Plex Server IP (this is the IP of your Plex Server) , Plex Token (you must put your plex token, if you dont know how to find your plex server token please go in this url, then is Plex Movie Sections ( Comma Seperated ,example: 1,2,3,4) (here you need to specific your PLEX library Section Number - is number and not Text!! , then Plex Client IP (put the IP of your plex client that you want if you play a movie to change movienow display to Playing Now , then continue with the other settings , progress bar color and etc......Update settings , dont forget to refresh your display , go in the settings > display > Refresh Poster , and select from the VIEW Plex! , and after 15-30 seconds you must see your posters!