MovieNOW 5! Features!

MovieNOW Digital Movie Poster V5.0

New area has just started for the MovieNOW software! , under new developer team!

After the end of MovieNOW , the original developer has given us the original code and the permission to continue the project! , so after many months thinking in which direction to go , we have decide to stay in the basic needs of all the home cinema lovers! , a simple digital movie poster application which can run in low power and small devices like raspberry hidden inside a wall or behind the Display! and do ONE thing SHOWING MOVIE POSTERS!!!

We have removed a lot of features (not important and slow down things) and we have cleaned the code, start some things from the scratch and keep some parts of the original MovieNOW!

Focus on KODI & PLEX! - we have work very hard to make MovieNOW 100% compatible with this two favorites apps! we love both of them and we decide to stay on this apps AND ONLY! , no emby , no dune , no Kaleidescape. its better to focus in 1-2 things and support them! and not to try to make it compatible with any app in the market!

PLUG & PLAY!!! this is the only thing it’s important for us! we want people who don’t know anything about computers or Linux to able to setup very easy the MovieNOW app in 5 minutes!!

So, what do you expected from this version?

MovieNOW 5 (features)

+ KODI MATRIX (19.4 - 2022)
Coming Soon Posters
Showing Now

+ PLEX (1.26 version - 2022)
Coming Soon Posters
Showing Now
Remaining Time

Support 13 Directories
Speed & Fade & Poster Order
File Manager (no need any more FTP to upload posters)

Top Banners
Coming Soon, Playing Now , Intermission

no need keyboard-mouse
configure WIFI connection using another WiFi-enabled device (mobile/laptop)

Boot in 15 seconds!
Lower RAM usage

+ Compatibility
Raspberry (2,3,4)