MovieNOW Instructions – how to setup your digital movie poster

MovieNOW Instructions – how to setup your digital movie poster

1) Select your license and download the movienow img file

2) Download etcher or similar software to write the img file to SD Card

3) After you successfully write the image remove the sd card and place it in raspberry pi – plug the power & HDMI (if you want to connect it with LAN just plug the ethernet cable)

4) Wait some minutes so raspberry can power up and run movienow app , the process its over when you see on your display the custom coming soon posters

5) Now from your mobile or Laptop go in the movienow.local/settings/ or the rasp IP (example – you will see movienow dashboard

6) From the dashboard you can choose which view you want (custom, kodi , plex) , change the banners , speed , fade in time , upload posters and many more)

7) If you don’t connect it with LAN cable and you want to setup the WIFI , when you power ON the raspberry first time , just go in your laptop and find the WIFI MovieNOW , connect it

In this wifi spot and then open the browser and go to , you will see the WIFI connection page , just select your WIFI you want to connect and press connect , the Raspberry will reboot to connect in this WIFI!

That’s all folks!!! Very easy in 5 minutes you have your digital movie display up and running!

* FOR PLEX setup here is how you will find PLEX token

* FOR KODI – it’s very easy just add the KODI IP and port! (no password supported it, and don’t forget in KODI app to enable the “Allow remote control via HTTP”